June 22, 2016
2 years and 25 days since
our celebration.
Greetings!  Welcome to the Stephens Family Reunion site.
Our coming together has always been a special time of fellowship, unity and sharing of memories of our rich heritage.  This coming reunion is especially significant as we gather at the original location to celebrate the linkage after several decades with other descendants of John Otis Sr. and Syviller Stephens, our great grandparents.
The Stephens Family number in the hundreds, if not thousands, living all around us in: Albany, Atlanta, Archer, Boston, Decatur, Cairo, Camilla, California, Charleston, Gainesville, Louisville, Miami, Nashville, New York, Ohio, Orangeburg, Orlando, Philadelphia, Sanford, Tampa, Thomasville, Tifton, TyTy, Washington, D. C., Maryland, Virgina, Texas, and of course in our ancestor home of Ruffin/Redroot, South Carolina.
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