BYLAWS of the Stephens Family Reunion
This document is presented to you as a guide to assist us in carrying out the necessary business of our organization. You are encouraged to read, inquire and amend this document in a prescribed manner.
ARTICLE I:  Family Reunion Name
The name of this group shall be “Stephens Family Reunion”, and hereafter may be referred to as the “Family”. The Family will consist of descendants of the union of John Otis  and Sylver Stephens.
ARTICLE II:  Mission
The mission of the family is to reunite, maintain and strengthen the extended family in a social atmosphere and:
  • Disseminate any information, which may be of interest to the family.
  • Inspire our youth to actively engage in the research and preservation of our rich family lineage. 
  • Joyfully welcome newcomers to the reunions so they will quickly acquire a feeling of ownership and kinship.
ARITICLE III: Reunion Meeting
A reunion of the “Stephens Family Reunion” will be held during the month of June, every two years. Each family reunion shall be held in different geographical location(s) as voted on by the membership
ARTICLE IV: Duties of officers
  • Preside at all meetings of the Family Reunion and the Family Executive Committee.
  • Coordinate the work of the officers’ and committees of the family reunion in order that the objectives of the family are promoted.
  • Serves as the official representative for the family at other meetings designated by family members.
  • Approve all newsletters, flyers, and/or communications prior to distribution.
  • Appoints committees and chairpersons and call special meetings.
  • Establish and communicate vision of Family Reunion.
  • Acts as support and aide to the President.
  • Perform the duties of the President (in the absences of that officer to act). *In designated order.
  • Shall also serve as the reunion site coordinator and will assist the HOST Family/City with promoting participation and attendance of all family reunions.
  • Support assigned committees as designated by President.
  • Keep permanent book of account and records of all dues, receipts, and disbursements of the family reunion.
  • Receive all monies giving a receipt therefore, and deposit accordingly.
  • Pay all bills authorized by the Family Executive Committee the family reunion.
  • Make an annual financial report the family reunion including all gross receipts and disbursements for each year.
Recording Secretary
  • Keep accurate record of the proceedings/minutes of all meetings of the organization and the executive board.
  • Prepare and maintain a listing of all unfinished business for the use of the President.
  • Distribute family reunion meeting minutes to all family members.
  • Sends out notices of family reunion meetings as directed by President.
Corresponding Secretary
  • Conduct all necessary correspondence of the family reunion.
  • Prepares and send out newsletter and/or updates website
  • Maintains membership records; names, addresses, email, phone numbers, birth, death, and anniversary data on all family members.
The following positions and sub committees will be appointed by the President to support and carry out the mission of the “Family”.
Legacy Emeritus – (Honorary Position)
  • Have served as President of Family Reunion.
  • Provides the family and Family Executive Committee with wisdom and guidance.
  • Serves as a mentor for Family Executive Committee.
  • Provides knowledge of family reunion history.
  • Assemble and preserves a record and materials pertinent to the history of the family and reunion.
  • Responsible for taking photos and recording all activities of the family reunion celebrations.
  • Educate and display family photos or historical family presentation at each family reunion.
  • Submit yearly updates of each family reunion to the website   
Website Administrator:
  • Must be skilled and knowledgeable in maintaining the security of personal information on the reunion website
  • Must timely update Stephens Family Reunion website with current and accurate information.
Area Regional Coordinators
  • Reach out and stay in contact with family members (i.e. including year that reunion is not convening.
  • Contact area family members to keep current information and report any updates to Corresponding Secretary.
  • Encourage family members to attend reunion events and pay dues.
“Generation NEXT “Committee
·        Will focus on engaging, mentoring, and empowering youth and young adult family members to stay and/or get involved.
·        Responsible for advancing use of technology (i.e. website).
·        Chairperson of “Generation NEXT is an active member of the Family Executive Committee. This will serve to keep Generation Next involved in sharing their ideas to enhance the family reunion; mentoring; and developing leadership skills.
  • Shall serve the John Otis Stephens Family Reunion whenever called upon by providing appropriate devotional services.
  • Be familiar with Robert Rules of Order Newly Revised for the governing of meetings.
  • Provides necessary advice in parliamentary procedure when requested at Family or Family Executive Committee meetings.
  • Maintain meetings in accordance with Family Reunion Bylaws and Guidelines.
NOTE: Family Executive Committee- is comprised of the officers of the Family Reunion and is responsible for drafting proposed Bylaws/Guidelines for review and approval by Family Reunion members.
ARTICLE V:  Election of Officers
The President will appoint a nominating committee, at the reunion prior to his/her third term, consisting of not less than three members of the Family. This committee will be charged to identify at least one candidate for Vice President, Treasurer, Recording and Corresponding Secretary, provided sufficient candidates can be found, and to present the names of these candidates to the Family in session at the business meeting prior to the election. In addition, others may be nominated from the floor at the business meeting. Each nominee must have expressed a willingness to serve, duly attend, and support family reunion events. (Officers will be elected for a term of two reunion cycle or 4 years,) by secret written ballot of those dues paying members present.
No person under the age of eighteen (18) years of age shall be eligible to run for or hold an elected office. Only Stephens Family descendants shall be eligible to hold an Office.
ARTICLE VI: Membership
Membership in the Stephens Family Reunion Association shall be open to all persons whom are descendants of the union of John Otis and Sylver Stephens 
ARTICLE VII: Family Reunion Dues
Payments of annual family reunion dues are required for family members in the John Otis Stephens Family Reunion, unless suspended by the Board and committee members for a particular reunion.   These funds will be used in all aspects of administering the reunion.
Dues will be one hundred dollars ($100.00) per two-year period per family unit to include all children living in the home up to the age of twenty-one, except for a child who is a full time student, may be included up to the age of  26. Dues will be paid not later than January 31st of each year in which a reunion will be held. All members in good standing which have reached 75+ years of age, may choose not to pay dues.
ARTICLE VIII:  Stephens Family Reunion Website
The Stephens Family Reunion website is the official publication/website for the family reunion, and will be used to disseminate information regarding membership,  reunion activities, and family heritage and traditions.  
ARTICLE IX:  Amendments
The Bylaws may be amended at any reunion business meeting of the Family by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the dues paying members present. Proposed amendments should be submitted to the President in writing 2 months prior to the start of the business meeting.
ARTICLE X:  Voting
All dues paying,  Stephens fAMILY descendants, members in good standing present at a business meeting will constitute a quorum. A minimum of three (3) directors is necessary for a quorum at a Board of directors Meeting.